What to Expect

Family Sessions- Summer.

It starts with your form submission, and from there I take it :)

I will reach out within the first 48 hours and touch base on your ideas, wants, and dreams of the session. Need help pulling the wardrobe together? no worries- I send wardrobe designs with the latest and greatest styles and colors for the season we will be shooting in.

Once we have date, wardrobe, and dream figured out we will meet 1 hour before sunset in the best field, park, or beach location. The sun will set behind us as we have a blast dancing, posing, jumping and listening to amazing country music ( or whatever you prefer ;) ) . It really is a great time.

I always recommend napping the kiddos later in the day so they will be ready for these late summer nights. I also say to bring snacks/candy for bribing for those harder to reach smiles. Most kids do great as I'm a bubbly person and not so stiff.

I will bring a sheet or a blanket for us as well. I look forward to these nights and getting these amazing photos back to you.


Lets meet somewhere romantic and fun.

I help you guys get comfortable with me and get you guys comfortable with yourselves. A lot of touching , hand holding, and kissing goes into these sessions. But of course whatever you are comfortable with as well. I will have you guys be playful , tickle, throw snowballs, get In the water, etc. I am adventurous and that usually shows in my images.